Letting Go (Sa Alaala ni Ama)

(Pasintabi kay oneinamillionrose. Nabasa ko sa blog niya ang tula. Salamat at pasensya na.)

Letting Go (Sa Alaala ni Ama)

As I enclose his frail, wrinkled hand in mine

I look away to hide a tear that escapes my eye…

Outside, a powerful hawk flaps its mighty wings

And prepares to take off to claim his kingdom once again.

I blink on its sideway stare

That seems to hesitate for a moment,

Before moving on to its journey.

As it mingles with dark orange haze of the sun,

The heavens seem to open and shower it with glorious light.

Whilst it willfully and gracefully glides towards the horizon

Where heaven and earth seem to meet,

The sun waits, to welcome it with warm embrace.

The hand I’m holding turned cold.

Its warmth never coming back, forever we are bound to part.


Gusto ko sanang sumulat ng tula para kay papa, pero hindi ko magawa. Hindi ako makapag-isip. Nawawala pa rin yata.


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